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It's time! Free and Awake I share my story, the journey to the Belle.
February 26th, 2012 7:01 AM
"When you open your home, you open your heart"  Oprah's quote on one of her first issues of "O" magazine that I purchased shortly after I bought the Belle and opened the fleur-de-lis etched double doors to the public.  Her words were prophetic.  Now, after nearly 7 years of sharing my home and the history of others who've lived here since 1881, I realized that my 'her-story' is ready to be shared. 
This is the letter that accompanied purchase contract when it was revealed to me that another contract had come in and was going to be presented at the same time as mine.

"I have never believed in the experience of 'Love at First Sight' until I got lost on a country road and the Belle of Round Top captured me, Heart & Soul, the moment she came into view!  As I gazed at her stately beauty through my camera lens and the Texas wildflowers; children laughing; couples strolling; and venerable ladies adorned her porches sipping mint juleps, all came vividly into the frame.
    My history includes many years in historical Roswell, Ga. living on 54 rolling acres.  A choice to move to Texas 7 years ago to retire from many years of a successful small business venture landed me in Montgomery, TX.  The exquisite beauty of the lake and surrounding historical grandeur captivated me and I began a career of photography. My photos highlighted the uniqueness of this small town which is 'The Birthplace of the Lone Star Flag' on the cities website, calendars, restaurant placemats (which are given away free to the visitors) and video postcards that are still being perfected. 
    Please allow me to continue what you have so lovingly begun.  I am a preservationist and naturalist and can envision the joy that will come to all who visit in the long years ahead the Belle!  Each room will reflect the era of her construction.
Humbly and Sincerely,
Deborah Ebert"

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Posted by Deborah Byers on February 26th, 2012 7:01 AMPost a Comment

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