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Debut of "Craftsman Redefined" in Festival Hill Concert Hall

Timeless Elegance

The Craftsman era dawned in the late 19th century as a creative protest to the heartless industrial revolution. Centuries of artistic endeavor were cast aside for quick profits. The American Arts and Crafts Movement was an artistic revolt against mass production. It emphasized quality and integrity. On April 5th, 1897 the first American Arts and Crafts Exhibit was held in Baltimore, Maryland. There were 166 fine artisans, half of whom were women. Their collaborative efforts resulted in new artistic designs and interpretations.

On April 24th 2009, in the artist colony of Round Top, the emergence of Craftsman Redefined debuted in brilliance surrounded by the perfect stage set in the concert hall of The International Festival Institute’s handcrafted elegance. 3 men and 3 women unite to develop a modern interpretation of the original American Arts and Crafts Movement. “We feel the founders would want us to build on their style and not simply replicate it, so it is with an appreciation of the past that we introduce Craftsman Redefined.”

The creation of these new home furnishings and decorative arts is a collaboration of six artists; Jo Alcalde, Leslie Ravey, Gene Hester, Lebeth Lammers, Philip Sheridan, and Gerald Tobola. All of these artists are showcased at Copper Shade Tree Gallery of Texas Artisans on the square in Round Top.

With the shift in the world economy and the dissatisfaction toward modern day imports, the American consumer has again shifted their focus to quality, simplicity and timeless elegance.

Returning from a concert and recording session in Russia earlier in the week, James Dick, Founder and Artistic director of the Festival Institute graciously supported the premiere with an afternoon piano concert. We are understandably proud of the accomplishments of the talented individuals we call our dearest friends and neighbors in Round Top.  Please come and join us in honoring their artistic genius.